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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Leveling Guide


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is one of the popular role playing games in the Digimon franchise. Like any other Digimon RPG game, leveling your digimon to the max level is quite a difficult task. Worry not, we will be showing you the best strategy to power level your digimon way to the cap through this Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth leveling guide.

Leveling up in the early and mid to late parts of the game will be covered in this Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth leveling guide. Although each strategy is quite similar, there are still aspects that you should know or familiar with in order to efficiently level up your digimons.

digimon story cyber sleuth leveling guide

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Leveling Guide – Power Leveling in the Early Part of the Game

There are actually two places you can farm huge experience in the early parts of the game. It is therefore important that you do not miss or complete these areas in order for you to farm more experience in this area.

1.) Hagurumon’s Lost Gear Mission – This is the earliest area where you can encounter champion level digimons. Thus, this is the earliest area which rewards the best experience. Plus, you can easily get champion level digimons here. Try to capture scan for GeoGreymon in the area. Its Accelartion Boost skill is definitely useful throughout the whole game. Try to go around the area while farming for experience. However, don’t go near to any shining object since it will complete the mission. Once you are able to complete the mission, this area will no longer be available. Spend your time farming mostly in the first and second floor.

2.) Gold Cup in the Offline Colosseum – In case you don’t know this yet, you can join the offline colosseum through the arcade machine in the fourth floor. You’ll be able to encounter champion level digimons here too. Plus, you can encounter unique digimons such as Black Gatomon. Like missions, once you defeat the final digimon, you won’t be able to come back here. To be able to repetitively come back to this area, you’ll have to purposely get beaten. Don’t you worry because the last digimon is definitely strong. You’ll be able to encounter Flamedramon in the last stage of the Gold Cup. Flamedramon will be using different kinds of boosts including the auto counter skill. Just hit him with a normal attack, and he will automatically counter with a stronger one. It may take time but I’m sure that you’ll get beaten. Flamedramon is a fire type digimon so be sure not to bring any water type digimon or you might accidentally defeat him.

To maximize the experience you’ll be able to farm in these two areas, you should bring PlatinumSukamon within your party. PlatinumSukamon has a Platinum Bonus skills which doubles experience received after defeating an enemy. However, he should be in battle to activate his skill. To digivolve or obtain a PlatinumSukamon, get Motimon or Paburomon to digivolve to Hagurumon. From there, you’ll be able to digivolve Hagurumon to PlatinumSukamon once he reaches level 20. Bring 3 PlatinumSukamon to get the most experience.


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Leveling Guide – Mid to Late Game Power Leveling Guide

Unlike the early parts of the game, you’ll probably don’t need not to worry as to where you can farm experience because you’ll probably be able to encounter stronger digimons in the mid to late game. However, to maximize the amount of experience you’ll receive, you need to have PlatinumNumemon and Tactician USB.

Although PlatinumSukamon and PlatinumNumemon has the same Platinum Bonus Skill, PlatinumNumemon is better because it is a Mega level digimon. However, mega level digimons require huge memory space so it would be better if you’ll have PlatinumSukamon instead of PlatinumNumemon. If you have enough memory space, then get PlatinumNumemon. Apart from that, PlatinumNumemon can carry up to 3 slots which is more than PlatinumSukamon’s slots. Later,this Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth leveling guide will show you why those slots are very important in fast leveling your digimons.

If you were able to get PlatinumSukamon, then you can digivolve them to Etemon and then to PlatinumNumemon. That way you can easily get PlatinumNumemon. However, you can scan for Etemon or the lower level digimons to get PlatinumNumemon.


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Leveling Guide – Using Tactician USB for Greater Experience Boost

Digimons can carry items to give them stat or ability boosts. Tactician USBs don’t give stat or ability boosts but it boosts the experience your digimons can receive. How to get Tactician USBs? Well, these items can be created or obtained from the Digimon Farm. Here is a list of steps to perfectly create a Tactician USB from the Digimon Farm.

  1. Level up your farm to the max level. If you don’t have any max level digimon farms, then it would be alright. However, it is recommended that you’ll have a max level Digimon Farm.
  2.  Fill your digimon farm with builder type digimons. If you don’t have any builder type digimons, then you can buy a Development Patch from the shop in the the Eden Entrance. However, this item will only be available in the shop once you are able to complete a certain mission.
  3. Fill your farm goods with Developer Know-How items. This item increases the quality of items made in the Digimon Farm. This item will help you get Tactician USB faster.
  4.  Avail the 1000 Yen Development Cost.
  5. There is no guarantee yet as to what item you’ll receive from the the Development so it is best to save the game and reset it if you don’t get the Tactician USB.
  6. It will probably take a few seconds to a few minutes to finish the development. Might as well wait for it and check your inbox.
  7. If you don’ get the Tactician USB, reset the game and load your save file. Do it repetitively until you get a Tactician USB.

Once you get enough Tactician USB, use it to fill up all of the slots of your PlatinumNumemon. Also, remember to put your PlatinumNumemon in battle to receive the bonus experience from the Platinum Bonus. If you do all of this, you’ll surely be able to level up any digimon to the max level in no time.

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