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Drantre’s Ultimate Legacy of Discord Guide

Drantre’s LOD Guide will be covering all of the vast and exclusive content in Legacy of Discord. Experience and discover a whole new way to play LOD through this guide.

This guide will be covering a lot of strategies and walkthroughs from basic to advance topics of Legacy of Discord. Here are some of the strategy guides covered in Drantre’s LOD Guide:

  • Legacy of Discord Basics
  • Battle Rating Strategy for Easy Million BR
  • Power Leveling Guide
  • Pet Guide from Basics to Advance
  • Equipment Guide
  • Wings Guide
  • Guild Guide and Plunder Farming
  • Diamonds and VIP Guide
  • Drantre’s Exclusive Top-Secret GuideĀ 

Plus, you don’t have to worry on how to get these guide because it is completely free to download. Download Drantre’s LOD Guide through the link below.



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