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Ultimate Everwing Farming Guide


Everwing Farming Guide

Coins and trophies are very essential in Everwing. Like most games, scarcity or difficulty of getting these resources are definitely high. To help you maximize the amount of resources you can get in the game, check out our Everwing farming guide for both coins and trophies below.

Knowing the importance of these resources are also important before we try to know the best way to get these resources. You can check out our Everwing Guide here.

Everwing Coin Farming Guide

Coins are easier to farm compared to trophies. In fact, there are a lot of ways to farm coins than trophies. So how do you farm coins? Well, here is a list of ways you can farm coins. Also, I have added tips on how you can maximize the amount of coins you can get for every coin farming method.

  1. Normal Runs – This is probably the easiest way to get coins. There are four ways you can get coins in the normal run: monsters, bosses, gems and chests. Killing a monster gives off one coin while killing bosses kills a lot of coins. Getting a single gem gives you 10, 20 or 40 coins. You will know how much a gem is worth by its color. Violet, red and turquoise colored gems are worth 10, 20 and 40 coins respectively. You can get a bundle of this gems by destroying a chest. The worth of a chest increases as you progress through the run.
    Tip – To maximize the amount of coins you can get in a normal run, get the right combination of guardian and dragons. Choose Lily as your guardian since she doubles the amount of coins you get in one run. Make sure you focus on upgrading her first than the others to allow Lily to progress further in the run. Also, bring dragons like Avi and Glowbean which gives double gems and gives higher chances of getting chests in normal runs. This combination allows you to get more coins in a single run. Also, remember to clear each line of monsters to get 2 additional gems.
  2. Quests – Quests are unlocked once you reach a certain amount of level. Coins can be earned depending on the amount of bonus reward a certain quest gives. Bonus reward is relative to a quest’s quest time so the longer the quest time is required to finish the quest, the more bonus reward can be received.
    Tip – For beginners, I suggest you take the Mystic Islands quest if you are capable of sending your guardian to the quest every 30 mins because doing that allows you to achieve a bonus reward of up to 48 times. However, if you can’t, then just send your guardian to Mystic Islands during the day. When you are going to sleep, then send your guardian to a quest which requires not more than 10 hours so that you could do Mystic Islands again during the day. If you have Sophia, then send her in the Mystic Islands Quest since she can finish quests two times faster than the others. Let the other guardians take the Silverwind Desert, Cloud Peak Mountains, Darkfire Volcanoes and The Neverend quests.
  3. Dragons – Coins can also be earned from selling dragons.
    Tip – Collect and as many dragons as you can. Once you have duplicate three star and max level dragons, sell it. If you have extra coins, buy dragons then sell it once you’ve evolved it.
  4. Boss Raids – Through chests from defeating bosses, you may have a chance to earn a certain amount of coins.

Everwing Trophy Farming Guide

Trophies are a lot harder to farm compared to coins. In fact, getting a hundred to a thousand of trophies a day is already difficult. Anyway, here are tips to get the most trophies:

Everwing Trophy Farming Guide

  1. Normal Runs – Trophies can be earned in a normal run through killing a boss, outscoring friends, getting first place, challenging a new group and mission streak.
    Tip – Boss treasures shell out the least amount of trophies so I suggest you would focus on the other methods. The easiest way to get a trophy would probably be through challenging a new group. Create groups in facebook messenger as much as you can. Be sure to inform your friends about the groups you’ve created in order to avoid annoying them. Once you have created these groups, send them challenges to earn trophies. Also, these new facebook groups are also helpful in getting a mission streak bonus because challenging a new group would probably be one of the missions. Join other Everwing groups so that you could maximize the amount of trophies you can get from outscoring friends. You can check this link to get a list of facebook messenger groups. These groups usually have rules that require members to post low scores so that all of the members can maximize the trophies received from outscoring friends. Try to outscore up to 10 friends because outscoring more than 10 would not increase the amount of trophies you can receive. From there, outscore another 10 for more trophies. Remeber to only join groups that are very active.
  2. Boss Raids – You can get a chance of getting trophies through chests.
    Tip – Join Boss Raid groups in facebook messenger so that you can easily get coins. They usually have rules that limit members from damaging the boss more than the max requirement so as to allow other members in getting a chest. If the boss expires in a few hours, then members are required to finish it. Through this, you can easily get chests and reach higher level of bosses. Thus, you have more chances of getting trophies.

If you have other tips to add in this Everwing Farming guide, then feel free to share it.

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