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Everwing Guide for Beginners


everwing guide

Everwing is a shooter game that has become the one of the most addicting game in Facebook Messenger. In Everwing, a player should aim to complete all the collectibles, acquire the best character & sidekick, and get the highest score among your friends. Yes, you don’t have any final boss to defeat or any princess to save but what you should be getting are game achievements which you can brag to your friends or anyone. So you want to be on top, then check out our ultimate Everwing guide.


everwing guardian guide

Each of the guardians, except Alice, possesses a unique ability wherein each ability has its own significance within the game. In fact, one guardian is good for experience farming while the other guardian is good for coin farming. However, you still have to achieve a certain number of coins and level to unlock these guardians. It is definitely recommended that you collect them all.

You can increase your guardian’s damage by upgrading them in exchange of coins. To upgrade your guardian, you just have to go to the Guardian’s area. Go through the character you want to upgrade, then click the upgrade button at the bottom of the screen

At the start of the game, you will be given one free character, Alice.  For beginners, I suggest you only upgrade Lily to level 15 – 20. Once she reaches that level, you can then use her to farm coins and unlock Lily which gives you the ability to earn double coins for every normal run. By then, it will be easy for you to farm coins and unlock other guardians or dragons.


everwing sidekick guideEverwing allows you to bring two dragons by your side as battle companions. Like guardians, each dragon possesses abilities which are very helpful in normal runs and boss raids.

There are four types of dragons based on their rarity. These are common, rare, legendary and raid legendary. Obviously, common dragons are considered the weakest while raid legendary dragons are the strongest. You can increase the damage of your dragons through leveling them up and evolving them. Although max level common dragons and raid legendary dragons have slight differences in their damage, raid legendary dragons are still more powerful than common dragons because of their ability.

Players can unlock dragons in two ways by buying dragons and getting them through chests in boss raids.


There are two resources in the game: Coins and Trophies.

Coins can be spent for the following items:

  • Guardians – With the right amount of level, coins can be used to unlock Guardians. Once you have unlocked them, they can be upgraded by spending coins as well. Guardians can be upgraded up to the maximum level of 50 so it will definitely require a huge amount of coins in order to fully upgrade each guardian.
  • Sidekicks – Dragons can easily be hatched from dragon eggs by spending coins. However, coins can only be able to buy three types of Dragon Eggs: Common, Bronze and Gold Dragon Eggs. Gold dragon eggs hatch the best type of dragon as compared to common and bronze dragon eggs.
  • Power-ups – At a certain level, a guardian can slow down time during runs or boss raids by buying a power up with coins.

Trophies, on the other hand, can be spent through the following items:

  • Sidekicks – Rare, legendary and raid legendary type dragons can be easily hatched by buying dragon eggs with trophies. Like coins, there are also three types of dragon eggs that can be bought with trophies: Silver, Magical and Legendary Dragon Eggs.
  • Power-ups – Using trophies, you can buy a power-up which allows your guardian to unleash a powerful beam while being invulnerable.
  • Chests – If you have received a chest from joining in boss raids, you can open an additional chest with the cost of trophies. However, the amount of trophies required for another chest depends on the rarity of the chest so rarer chest requires more trophies.


Idle guardians can help you earn coins and experience for your dragons by sending them to quests. There are 6 quests you can choose from in which each quest has its own corresponding quest time and reward bonus. However, you must first reach in to a certain level before you are able to unlock other quests. Guardian Sophia is the best guardian for questing because she can complete quests 2 times faster than the other guardians so her quest time will be half of the required quest time.

Boss Raids

everwing boss raid guideBoss raid is game mode in Everwing wherein you and your friends can play cooperatively in killing a boss. A boss’ difficultly is based on its level and rarity. Killing a boss unlocks a stronger boss; thus, if your group get to kill a lot of bosses consecutively, then the next boss will definitely stronger than the previous ones. The good thing about high level bosses is that they give the better rewards so the higher the level a boss has, the better rewards will you receive. However, you must kill them before they expire because you won’t able to get the rewards and the boss level will reset back to level 1.

The number and type of chest each player can receive after boss raid depend on the amount of damage a player has dealt to the boss. The higher the damage is dealt to the boss, the better rewards can be received. Plus, you can earn an additional chest if you are the first one to receive the max dealt damage to the boss, and if you are able to dealt the most damage in one run.




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