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Legacy of Discord BR Guide – How to Increase BR Fast


Legacy of Discord BR Guide

Increasing BR or battle rating fast in Legacy of Discord can be a little frustrating at times. Don’t you worry though because this Legacy of Discord BR guide will walk you through on how you can increase br as fast as possible.

Before we get in to the basics of increasing BR in Legacy of Discord , let’s try to identify what BR is and what affects it. Well, BR or Battle Rating is the standard metric used by Legacy of Discord in measuring the overall combat efficiency of your character. Factors significantly affecting this metric are your character’s offensive and defensive prowess. Ultimately, you have to improve your character’s offense and defense to improve your BR. A great start on improving your BR would be to focus on how to improve your offense and defense. So what factors should affect both of your offense and defense? 

Well, check out the list of factors that affect your offense and defense on our Legacy of Discord BR guide below to help you increase BR fast in the game:

  • Stats –  This is definitely the most basic factor that everyone should consider when increasing BR fast. Since offensive and defensive prowess are significantly affect one’s stats, then increasing one’s stats will significantly increase one’s BR.
  • Level –  Gaining levels increases one’s stats. Therefore, having a higher level will boosts your stats as well as your BR.
  • Skills – As much as possible, increase your skills’ level up to your character’s levels this allows you to have bonuses. Make the most of those bonuses to increase your BR.
  • Equipment – What you wear and what you wield basically greatly affects your character’s offensive and defensive capabilities. This is why having the best equipment for your character will greatly boost your BR. You can maximize your equipment’s potentials by doing the following: Refine, Add Argument, Add Gems, Reforge, Enchant & Set Fusion.
    • Refine Equipment – This is the easiest way to upgrade your equipment so don’t forget to refine your equipment as much as you can to easily boost your BR. You can also maximize the bonuses you get from refining your equipment by refining all of your equipment to a similar level. You can farm for refine stones and recipes from dungeon and Arcanity Store.
    • Add Argument – Use arguments stones on your equipment to increase BR. You can find Argument stones from Mystic Chests, going to Plunder, Guild Shop, Guild Worship and Guild Pet.
    • Reforge Equipment – You can reforge each of your equipment to gain BR. However, reforge stones are usually rare so you should spend it wisely. Most players reforge only their weapons and accessories such as rings and necklaces. It is also because these types of equipment usually boosts physical and elemental attack. Get Reforge Stones from City Defense and Alchemy Stones.
    • Add Gems – Insert gems on to your equipment to gain physical & elemental attributes and also BR. Don’t forget to level up your gems to maximize it. You can get gems and gem fragments from Elite Stages.
    • Enchant Equipment – Enchanting your equipment increases or boosts certain attributes of your equipment. Thus, it basically increases your stats. However, each character class has its own unique build so boosting the wrong stat through enchanting may not give you that much increase in BR. Worse, there are even cases that it removes BR. Enchanting your equipment is usually risky because it may effect your BR either positively or negatively. However, if you do it right, then it will definitely give you a great boost in BR. You can get enchant stones from resource dungeon.
    • Set Fusion – Fuse your set to get a higher tiered set of equipment. Don’t try to settle on your current equipment. If possible, always try to aim for the higher tiered equipment. You can easily farm for materials for set fusion by checking the info of the equipment that you want to create by fusion.
  • Runes – Use runes to increase your physical attack and elemental attacks to boost your BR. You can get runes and rune fragments from Runic Realm.
  • Talents – Make use of your character’s Talents effectively to increase your character’s stats and BR. You can get seals from Alchemy Stones.
  • Wrath Wings – Although it is a part of your character’s equipment, I’d like to emphasize how it significantly affects your BR. Level up and evolve your Wrath Wings as fast as you can. You can farm for ragging souls from Plunder Arena and Resource Dungeon. You can also add Glyphs to your wings to gain attributes and bonus BR.
  • Pets – Level up, evolve and boost your pets to get significant BR boost. For beginners, you might want to evolve Feoxur and Sabeleon to rank 2 for affinity. Also, level up Kinar at least to level 3. These allow you to gain double stats. You can get raw materials for pet upgrades such as pets stones and boosts from wild soul shop and resource dungeon. You can also get Wild Souls from Ice/Fire Field.
  • Revelation Rank – Activate and upgrade it to gain attributes and BR.
  • Totem –  Try to invest in totems. They might be quite expensive but whenever you need a great boost in stats and BR, you can always count on it.

I’d like to give you some bonus tips as well. Make sure to complete your daily quests every day to easily gain items & raw materials for upgrades. Don’t forget to participate in World Boss Events. Don’t worry, it does not matter if you can contribute in attacking it. Just be there in the event and you’ll surely be able to gain items and materials from that event.

Drantre’s Ultimate Power BR Guide – Easy Million BR

I am not sure if you’ve heard of it but I think the best way to increase BR is through following the guide from Drantre’s LOD guide. Indeed, you can definitely increase your BR in millions through his guide. Check Drantre’s LOD Guide now.

The list I’ve made above may not have covered everything but I am pretty sure each of the item listed on this Legacy of Discord BR guide will surely help you in increasing BR fast.

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