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Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide


Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide

Gold is one of the most important things you need to have in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings. In fact, you are going to need gold if you want to increase Battle Rating fast. However, it is also one of the most difficult things to farm in the game. Well, you don’t have to worry about that because this Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide will show you the ultimate guide in farming gold in Legacy of Discord.

There are ultimately a lot methods you can farm gold in Legacy of Discord but only a few of these methods are very effective in farming significant amount of gold at such a minimum amount of time. This Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide will give you a list of methods to farm gold the most effective and efficient way there is.

1.) Completing Quests

Like any other MMO game, completing quests give you certain rewards which will definitely contain in-game currency or gold for Legacy of Discord’s case. Through completing various types of quest in the game, you are guaranteed to earn a significant amount of gold. Not only that, you are also guaranteed to receive a variety of rewards upon completion. It might be a piece of armor, weapon or equipment, a raw material for crafting, upgrading or enhancement or an additional pet.

Here are the types of quests in the game which you can take in order to earn gold:

  • Main Quests – These are quests or missions that tend to follow the main story of the game. These includes quests which walk you throughout the game and quests that require clearing the main stages. Most of the time these quests offer the most amount of Gold among the other types of quests. You may probably be able to earn up to 30000 gold per quest and 10000 gold per main stage. To maximize the amount of gold you may receive in these quests, specifically in the main stages, you may want to aim for perfect stars or 3 stars to be exact in every stage. This allow you to pick a maximum of 2 cards out of 5 cards as additional rewards. Ofcourse, there is a great chance that one of these cards may give you gold as a reward. Other than that, you may be able to receive a Blitz which would allow you to finish quests instantly without spending energy; thus, this allows you take more quests which means you can receive more gold. Apart from that, there is also bonus chest for every additional 12 stars you’ve earned in main stages, and for completing stages 4, 8 and 12.
  • Daily Quests – These are quests that should be done on a daily basis. Once completed, they will usually reset on the next 24 hours. Through completing daily quests, you are able to open up to 4 chests. These chests contain significant amount of gold so be sure to complete all daily quests every day.

2.) Gold Dungeon

This probably an in-game feature which is intentionally made for players to farm for gold. It is because this is the best and fastest way to farm for gold. On top of that, VIP users can maximize the gold they can earn in Gold Dungeon through the bonus they receive from being a VIP user in the game.

3.) Plunder

A boss filled dungeon which is definitely difficult to solo. This is why it’s a great investment if you could join an active and strong guild. Clearing the boss allows you to get as much as 1M Gold. Plus, you won’t have to share that amount of gold to every player of the guild who killed it because each of you can receive such amount. Also, Plunder resets 3 times a day so obviously you are able to get as much as 3M Gold if you guild can clear Plunder all of those 3 chances. The most important thing about Plunder is that your guild just have to last hit the boss. The player of the guild who was able to kill the boss through last hit receives the reward.

4.) Expedition

A difficult dungeon recommended only to players having a level of 65 and above. Completing 6 stages on this dungeon gives you a variety of rewards which includes Gold.

5.) Vault Tab

You are given 3 free chances of opening a chest in the vault tab wherein you can win up to 75K Gold in each chest. You can also increase the amount of gold you received from opening the first 3 chests by opening the 4th chest by spending diamonds. This “Critical” chest gives you a bonus of 2x – 10x gold multiplier so if you have received 150k gold from the first 3 chests you would receive 1.5M Gold by having a 10x gold multiplier. You can also further increase the multiplier through your VIP perks. Plus, a VIP can open more chests by spending diamonds. The amount of chests a VIP can open is relative to its VIP level. A VIP 1 can open 10 chests, a VIP 2 can open 20 chests and so on.

6.) Events

From time to time, Legacy of Discord releases events which gives participating players various rewards including Gold. One of the most popular event which gives significant gold is the Mysterious Holisom. Also, if you help someone complete this quest, you can gain an additional 10k Gold.

7.) Hall of Kings

A worship feature is available in the Hall of Kings wherein you are able to worship the best character of each class in the server you are playing. You are only able to worship one player which allows you to receive up to 100k of gold. However, if you are on VIP, you are able to worship all characters by spending 25 diamonds. This allows you to gain as much as 300k Gold.

8.) Log In Bonus

By just logging in, a player receives a reward. You can also receive gold from this bonus. If you try to login consecutively, you are able to receive additional bonus which gives you a specific reward for every time you consecutively log in the game.

9.) Quizzes

Answer random quizzes correctly to earn Gold.

10.) City Defense

For every good point you earn in City Defense, a significant amount of gold is rewarded.

11.) VIP Bonus

Apart from all the bonus multipliers you receive in earning Gold, you may also receive 100k Gold weekly by spending 250 diamonds.

12.) Mine Field

Gives you a certain amount of gold but is often disregarded by players because it takes a significant amount of time to finish.

13.) Drantre’s Gold Farming Guide

Drantre’s LOD Guide is definitely a great help when it comes to farming gold. In fact, you can easily get 1 Million to 10 Million Gold in just a day through his guide. You can take a look at Drantre’s Legacy of Discord Guide here.

I’m pretty sure there are still other methods to earn gold in Legacy of Discord but the list in this Legacy of Discord Gold Farming guide is definitely a great list for anyone wanting to earn gold effectively and efficiently in the game.

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