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Legacy of Discord Guide for Beginners and Advance Players


Legacy of Discord is an online action RPG available for both android and iOS devices. It is considered as one of the most popular action RPG of today’s mobile gaming generation. Through LOD, enjoy a whole new mobile gaming experience with your friends through battling hordes of monsters, raiding dungeons and confronting your greatest contenders in arena. There is ultimately a lot of things you can do in LOD apart from just being an action RPG game.

Like any other mobile MMO game, players of Legacy of Discord often get lost to the ins and outs of the game. It is definitely a complicated system that expects its players to overcome a very steep learning curve in just a short amount of time. However, you need no to worry about it because this Legacy of Discord guide will assure you that you get familiar with most of the features of the game.

Legacy of Discord Classes Guide

LOD offers 3 types of classes in the game: Berserker, Bladedancer and Sorceress.

Berserker is a sword wielding tank type class. This class is well known for its brute strength in both offensive and defensive ends of the battlefield. Also known as the master of fire since their weapons and gears are imbued with the destructive power of fire. Berserkers are very good in engaging their foes in a frontal assault considering that their defense can endure even a crowd of foes. Its no wonder why they are known for charging their enemies head on because of their high strength and defense.

legacy of discord berserker

Bladedancer weilds lighter weapons as compared to berserkers. They are best known for their stealthy and flashy attacks which can kill a single foe in an instant. Although they are not as impressive when it comes to charging their foes head on, their attacks are very deadly through their nimble and speedy attacks. With its flashiness and quickness, its no wonder why lightning is their mastery.¬†With the right skill, other types won’t even be able to lay a hand on your bladedancer.

legacy of discord bladedancer

Sorceress is a female type character which wields magical weapons. Although they don’t have the strength and speed like a berserker and a bladedancer, the sorceress is a class that is indeed feared among melee type classes because of its ability to cast high damage and huge AOE type elemental attacks. They are best known for having mastered the frost element. If sorceress can create a good distancing against their foes, they’ll definitely push them at a great disadvantage.

legacy of discord sorceress

Legacy of Discord Guide – Basic Gameplay

legacy of discord guide for basic gameplay

Although Legacy of Discord has lot of features that are not easily understood at first, this Legacy of Discord guide will only focus on the basic features of the game.

1.) Character Info – The character info section shows your character’s avatar, level, Battle Rating and VIP level. Your character’s avatar depends on your character’s class. Level basically corresponds your character’s level. As you can see on the image, it shows that the character is on level 24. I do have a Legacy of Discord level up fast guide so you can check it out as well. Battle Rating or BR is a scale that measures the efficiency and effectiveness of your character in battle. The higher the BR you have, the stronger your character is. You can check out my Legacy of Discord BR Guide. VIP level can be achieved buy buying diamonds with real money.

2.) Quests РThis section shows all the active quests you have. There are three types of quests: main quest, side quest and daily quest. Main quests follows the storyline of the game. Side quests are quests that guide you through the features of the game. Daily quests are repetitive quests which resets every day. Each quest has a corresponding reward which can be unlocked after accomplishing the quest. Questing is the easiest way to gain gold and raw materials for equipment upgrades. Check out the Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide in this site as well.

3.) Mail – The mail section allows you to send and receive mails. You can receive and collect all of you rewards through here.

4.) Energy and Diamonds Bar – Energy is used every time you enter a stage or dungeon. Diamonds serve as premium currency in the game. You can use them to unlock or buy premium items.

5.) Quick Slots – Each quick slot correspond to a specific feature of the game. Access each feature of the game through these quick slots.

There is still so much left uncovered in this Legacy Of Discord Guide. If you’d like to share, then please feel free to share it here.

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