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Legacy of Discord Enchant Guide – Best Way to Enchant Your Equipment


Legacy of Discord Enchant Guide

This Legacy of Discord enchant guide will show you how enchantment works and how to do enchantment in the game.

Basically, enchant in Legacy of Discord is a feature of the game which allows characters to further improve there weapons and equipment by imbuing it with attribute bonuses. However, attribute bonuses from enchantment are randomly produced. Thus, your character might not optimally benefit from these attribute bonuses unless the attribute bonus you receive from the enchantment fully complements your character. It definitely requires a lot of luck before you are able to get the best enchantment attribute bonus for your character. Apart from that, attribute bonuses from enchantments mainly depend on three factors: level of enchantment, intensity or color of the enchantment, and the enchantment’s enhancement level. These attribute bonuses definitely gives a lot of Battle Rating or BR. In fact, enchant is one of the major factors we have listed in our guide on how to get br fast in Legacy of Discord.

Legacy of Discord Enchant Grade Factors Guide

To maximize the benefits your character can gain from enchant in Legacy of Discord, it is very important that you are familiar with the factors that affect the grade or the scale of increments received from these attribute bonuses. Here are the factors that affect Legacy of Discord Enchant Bonus:

  1. Enchant LevelĀ – The level of your enchant is indicated by the number of lit torches or flames within the enchant circle. The more the lit torches the higher the level of the enchant. Thus, the greater will be the attribute bonus you may receive from your enchants.
  2. Torch/Flame Color – The color of the flame signifies the grade of your enchant level. This means that the color of the flame significantly affects the amount of attribute bonus you will receive. The higher the grade of your enchant level is the higher the attribute bonus will be. Green colored flame represents the lowest grade of enchant level while the red colored flame represents the highest grade of enchant level. The enchant level grade is ranked by this order: green, blue, purple, orange and red. Obviously, green enchant level grade gives the least increment on your enchant attribute bonus while the red enchant level grade gives the highest increment on your enchant attribute bonus.
  3. Enchant Enhancement LevelĀ – You may further increase the attribute bonuses you receive from enchant by enhancing it or leveling up the enhancement bonus.

How to Enchant in Legacy of Discord

The enchant feature is accessible through the blacksmith section of your equipment or item. Enchanting your equipment is a game of luck. The attribute bonuses and the enchant level that you may receive is random. Although it is a guarantee that you may receive an attribute bonus, you would not have an idea as to what enchant level or attribute bonus you might receive. In other words, you might receive a lower level enchant or another attribute bonus even if you already have received a higher level enchant. This is why enchanting your equipment may improve your character or not.

There are two ways you can enchant your equipment: Enchant and Quick Enchant. Enchant and quick enchant are basically the same. What differs from the two is that quick enchant automatically repeats the enchant until you are able to achieve your predefined settings such as Enchant Level and Attribute bonus.

Enchanting in Legacy of Discord requires the specific type of Enchant Stones and Gold. This is very costly so it is recommended that you do enchant once you have enough amount of gold and raw materials. In case you’re having a hard time saving up gold for enchant, then check out our Legacy of Discord Gold Farming guide.

Types of Legacy of Discord Enchant Guide

There are three types of enchant in Legacy of Discord. Each type represents a specific level or grade of enchant. The following are the enchant types: Basic, Advance and Supreme Enchant. Basic enchant is the lowest grade or type of enchant while supreme enchant is the highest or the best type of enchant; however, the difficulty of achieving high grade factors increases as the grade of enchant type grows higher. Each of these enchant type requires 10K amount of Gold.

  1. Basic Enchant – Most basic type of enchant in Legacy Discord. Apart from the gold required, it also costs a basic enchant stone.
  2. Advance Enchant – Mid level type of enchant. It costs one advance enchant stone.
  3. Supreme Enchant – Highest level type of enchant. Like the other enchant types, this also cost one supreme enchant stone.

Basic Strategy in using Enchants in Legacy of Discord

As I have mentioned, using enchants is a game of luck. It may or may not provide your character optimal results. Thus, it is very important that you have enough resources when using enchants in your equipment in order to manage the risks of the negative effects that enchant may cause to your equipment. For starters, I definitely would recommend around 1-5M Gold and around 50 – 200 enchant stones depending on the enchant type. Once you have this amount, you can easily negate those negative BR that you will receive by doing enchant again.

Aiming for five red fire enchant is definitely difficult; however, you can at least improve your chances of getting a five red fire enchant through our strategy. Before you try to focus on getting 5 fire red level enchant, it is recommended that you first try to aim for one fire enchant for all of your enchants. Once you have 1 fire enchant for all of your enchants, you would then focus on getting a purple, orange or red fire enchant. After that, you do this similar strategy again and again until you reach 5 fire enchants. Others would recommend aiming for 3 fire enchants directly if you have enough resources. Basically, what you will try to focus is getting the same flame color and number of flames for all of your enchant. Once you are able to achieve that, you would then try to increase one flame to all of your enchants.

Drantre’s Ultimate Enchant Strategy

If you’d like to get the best enchant for your character as easy as possible, then you can follow Drantre’s guide. You can download Drantre’s Enchant Guide for free through this link.

Definitely, doing enchant in Legacy of Discord is very risky to your character but if you do it right then it should boost your character on a greater scale.

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