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Legacy of Discord Level Up Fast – Guide to Power Leveling Your Character


Legacy of Discord Level Up Fast Guide

Legacy of Discord level up fast guide is what you need to power level your character way up to the maximum level cap.

If I’m not mistaken, you’re trying to improve your character’s overall combat efficiency by leveling it up, right? Well, you are, by some means, right and wrong at the same time. You see, in Legacy of Discord, leveling up fast is not the best way to make your character stronger. The best way to make your character stronger is to increase your BR or Battle Rating. If you’ve read my Legacy of Discord BR Guide, then you are definitely increasing your BR the right way. Anyway, where does leveling up fast in Legacy of Discord rank in improving your character. Well, it would definitely rank second which is next to improving your character’s equipment and pets. It is because your character can still be stronger than other higher level character if you have more BR than them. In fact, if you go to the PVP Arena, I bet you can easily defeat characters which have higher level than yours but have lower BR. Thus, it proves that level is not really the factor in improving your character. However, it does not mean that level is not very important in Legacy of Discord. It is still important because it is one of the primary requirements in unlocking some of the features and dungeons in the game. If that’s what you are after, then this Legacy of Discord level up fast guide will definitely help you.

Legacy of Discord Experience for fast leveling

If you would look at the source of EXP in Legacy of Discord, then you would notice that there are only three sources of EXP in the game. However, there are still a few ways you can get EXP in LOD. Thus, I am sure that this Legacy of Discord level up fast guide will definitely help you increase your level faster. Here is a full list of source or ways you can get EXP:

  • Quests – There only 2 types  of quest that reward EXP upon completion. These are the Main Quest and Daily Quest. Main quest is a type of quest which follows the story line of the game. On the other hand, daily quests are which resets every day. Main quests give out the most EXP among the two. However, it is not a guarantee that you’ll always get more EXP in main quest than in daily quest because quests in the main quest differs as you progress along the game. Daily quests will likely give you consistent or more exp than its previous quests because these differ as your character get stronger.
  • EXP Dungeon – A type of dungeon that is best for farming EXP than resource materials. This is probably the dungeon in the game which gives the most EXP. However, this is only available for characters at level 34 and above.
  • Elite Battle – A different kind of battle stage which shells out the most EXP. This is unlocked once you reach level 36.
  • Battle Stage – Completing battle stages rewards you EXP. Plus, you can get experience from killing monsters. This is unlocked right at the start of the game.
  • Tower of Eternium – Although you won’t get EXP as a reward for completing Tower of Eternium, you’ll still be able to receive EXP from killing the monster.
  • PVP Arena – Gives EXP everytime you defeat another player.
  • Plunder – If you’re guild successfully kills the boss, you’ll be able to receive EXP and items. You need to have a guild before you are able to enter Plunder.
  • Guild War – You’ll receive EXP for defeating other guilds. Obviously, you need a guild for this one.
  • IceFire Field – Killing an enemy gives you EXP. This is unlocked at level 35.

Legacy of Discord Level Up Fast Tips

It would be a waste to know the sources of EXP in Legacy of Discord. You also need to know how to optimally get EXP from these sources. Here are a few Legacy of Discord Level Up Fast Tips:

  1. Focus increasing BR when you’re still below level 60 – It is fairly easy to level up your character when you are still below level 60. I definitely would suggest that you should focus more increasing your BR in these levels. With a significant BR in level 60 or  above, it would help you farm better in the later stages of the game. Also, don’t forget to save Gold since you’ll definitely need it once you reach level 60. Don’t you worry though because I have a Legacy of Discord Gold Farming Guide.
  2. Prioritize questing above all – Among all of the sources you can get EXP, questing is the easiest way to get decent EXP. This is the most efficient way to get EXP since it rewards high EXP in a short amount of time.
  3. Focus on completing Daily Quests than Main Quests – Daily quests resets everyday so it is ideal if you complete it before it resets. Main quests won’t change with time. Thus, you should complete all of your daily quests before you prioritize main quests. You can always get back on your main quests once you finish all of your daily quests.
  4. Farm EXP from the main 3 sources of EXP – Once you reach level 40, all of the main sources of EXP, Daily Quests, EXP Dungeon & Elite Battle, are available to you. Make sure you farm there for EXP more often than the other sources of EXP.
  5. Farm EXP on dungeons/stages with high BR recommendation – Upon opening a dungeon or stage, the recommended BR will appear. Check which available dungeon or stage is available for your level. Once you have an idea as to which dungeon or stage recommends the highest BR, then spend some time there to farm for experience.
  6. Use Blitz once in a while – Although Blitz is ideally used for farming for raw materials, you can also use it for fast EXP. However, you should only use it when you feel the need to. It is very important in scavenging materials so be sure to save a lot of these.
  7. Join events that rewards EXP – Once in a while, events are sure to come. Make sure you join it not only because it may reward EXP but because it gives awesome rewards.

Drantre’s Instant Power Leveling Guide in Legacy of Discord

Power leveling using Drantre’s Guide is ultimately the easiest way to level up in Legacy of Discord. Check out Drantre’s Power Leveling Guide now.

I hope this would definitely guide you in power leveling your character. I believe there are still a few Legacy of Discord Level Up Fast Tips. If you have any tips to share, then please feel free to share it here.

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