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Legacy of Discord Pet Guide


Legacy of Discord Pet Guide

Legacy of Discord offers a very exciting feature in the game in which you can keep monsters as your pets. However, most of the players have disregarded the importance of keeping pets in the game. This Legacy of Discord Pet Guide will fill in the gaps not only of those players who doesn’t have an idea about pets but also every player in the game. Check out our sleek Legacy of Discord Pet Guide below.

What are Pets?

Pets are monsters or creatures which you can take with in completing quests and dungeon runs. They are companions which fight alongside your characters. Aside from just being an offensive asset in battle, they also offer a variety of stat and BR bonuses to your character. Plus, you can use them to collect resources in the mine field.

Each pet possess unique traits and abilities. They usually differ in three aspects: Stats, Skills and Affinity. Thus, it is also beneficial to your character if you try to collect pets as much as you can.

  • Stats – Pets come in varied stats. Their stats are relative to the pets rarity. There are four types of rarity in Legacy of Discord: Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mystic Pets. Each tier is twice as powerful as its lower tier so an epic pet’s stats would have twice the stats of a rare pet. Thus, a mystic pet would be 8 times more powerful than a rare pet.
  • Skills – Each pet has two types of skills: Normal Skill & Special Skill. The Normal Skill is automatically used during battle. On the other hand, a special skill is manually activated during battle.
  • Affinity – Pets give unique bonuses to you character called Affinity. These bonuses are usually random and different among all pets in the game.

Here is a list of some of pets you can collect in Legacy of Discord:

RARE: Kinar, Sabelon
EPIC: Koxahl, Vaszon, Feoxur, Aexuixal
LEGENDARY: Xeumach, Sinnor, Criarino, Murlor, Haverus, Panthora, Cindermore, Brutallus, Warelk, Hobgoblin
MYSTIC: Loivissa, Raphael, Tyrannus, Freezy

How to Get Legacy of Discord Pet Guide

In order for you to activate a pet, you must be able to collect the required amount pet fragments for that specific pet. There are a couple of ways to collect pet fragments. Check out the list of methods below to help you collect pet fragments.

  1. Guild – Guild offers errands or quests which you can accomplish to gain pet fragments. Do the pet slots daily to collect pet fragments fast. Once you have 3+ fragment combos, reroll it to earn at least one pet fragment. Always keep up with the guild’s missions to regularly obtain pet fragments and rewards. If you don’t have a guild yet, be sure to join one.
  2. Wild Souls – You can exchange wild souls for pet fragments. Enter the IceFire field as much as you can regardless if you can or cannot finish it because you can still get rewards from it including Wild Souls.
  3. Chests – Although the chances of getting a pet fragment in opening chests are very low, this is still considered a good way to get pet fragments because it is very easy to get chests in the game. If you want to increase chances of getting a pet fragment from a chest, then go for mystic and expedition chests.
  4. Events – Once in a while, Legacy of Discord holds events which reward players with rewards including pet fragments if they are able to accomplish the event. Be sure to get updated with the latest happenings or events within the game.
  5. Loyalty Bonuses – Legacy of Discord rewards rare items such as pet fragments to players who are loyal to the game. Make sure to log in daily in your account to grab those wonderful rewards.
  6. VIP – This is probably the easiest way to get a pet but is also the costly way among the other ways to get a pet. You can easily get pet fragments by spending diamonds. Plus, you can get weekly bonuses if you recharge regularly or daily. And if you reach VIP Level 7, then it would be easy for you to buy Sinnor and its two evolutions.

How pets impact your character’s BR

Aside from just being a battle companion, pets do give bonuses and boosts to your character’s offensive and defensive capabilities; thus, it significantly improves your character’s battle rating. Here is a quick list of things that impacts your character’s battle rating :

  1. Stats – Pets are like offensive and defensive tools to your characters. Thus, the higher the stats they have, the higher they improve your character as well as your character’s BR. This is why you should aim for a high tiered pet.
  2. Skills – Pet’s special skills increases your character’s stats. Thus, your BR increases as well.
  3. Affinity – Pet’s possess various kinds of affinities which give out boosts to your character’s stats. The better the affinity your pet has, the higher BR your character will have.
  4. Pet Empowerment – You can further strengthen your in-battle pet using other pets as empowerment. The scale of empowerment varies on the empowering pet’s level and rarity. As your in-battle pet strengthens through pet empowerment, your character’s BR increases as well. Plus, you may use more pets as pet empowerment as your character increases in level.
  5. Pet Achievements – Your character gains permanent bonuses by accomplishing certain achievements related to your pets like collecting a specific number of pets. These permanent bonuses usually affect your character’s stats; thus, it affects you BR.

How to Upgrade your Pet?

There are 5 ways to upgrade or improve your pet: leveling it, boosting it, evolving it, changing its skill and rebirthing it.

  1. Leveling – You can level up your pet by using pet stones. These stones are usually found in Wild Soul, Mine and Resource Dungeon.
  2. Boosting – Boost your pet’s rank and affinity using boost stones. Plus, your pet can get bonus stats through boosting.
  3. Evolution – Collect the same pet fragments to evolve your pet. There are 6 stages of evolution. Each stage increases your pet’s stats and attributes by 100%. This is definitely the best way to increase your pet’s stats.
  4. Changing Skills – You can maximize your pet’s abilities by choosing the best skills. To change your pet’s skills, you must use skill stones. Skill stones randomly changes your pet’s skills; thus, it is also risky at the same time. Make sure to aim for both offensive and defensive skills.
  5. Rebirth – This does not actually improve your pet but you can utilize this feature if you feel the need to use another pet. Through rebirth, you can retrieve all of the materials you’ve spent on upgrading your pet. You might want to consider using this if you’ve activated a pet in a higher tier.

What are good pets to have?

There are really a lot of good pets to choose from but in my opinion having Xeumach, Cindermore, Warelk, Brutallus, Haverus, Hobgoblin, Tyrannus or any other Mystic Pet would be ideal. However, if you don’t have any of them, then always consider the pet’s rarity, stats and skills as basis for choosing the best pet.


How to get the best pet easily using Drantre’s Pet Guide?

Drantre’s guide is definitely what you need if you want to get the best pet in Legacy of Discord easily. You can check out Drantre’s guide through here.

There are still a lot of things to be covered when it comes to pets but I think this Legacy of Discord Pet Guide is enough for most of LOD players.

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