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Best Bronze Tier Teams in Mortal Kombat X Mobile


This list will include only Bronze Tier Characters which are only available in the market. This will not include any other Bronze Tier Character which you can find in specific game modes of Mortal Kombat X. This list is also based on my previous post: Best Characters in Bronze Tier. Anyway, here are my top picks for the best bronze tier teams in Mortal Kombat X.

5.) Power Based Discipline Team: Oni – Osh-Tekk – Monk

We can utilize their disciplines to their full potential by getting a duo of Oni & Monk. Both of their disciplines alter their allies or foes power. If Oni dies, their enemy loses a bar of power. However, if Monk dies, the team gains a single bar of power.  Osh-Tekk is added to the list because of his great base stats. It is very important that you try to upgrade their skills as much as you can so that you can use your bars of power efficiently and effectively.

4.) Martial Artist Team: Monk – Shirai Ryu – Lin Kuei

Boost every Martial Artist character’s stats by building a full Martial Artist Team with Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei in the team. Both of this bronze tier martial artist character have disciplines which boost the stats of every other Martial Artist Character. Shirai Ryu boosts the attack while Lin Kuei boosts the health of their Martial Artist teammate. In order to make use of both of their bonuses, Monk is added in order to benefit from their boosts.

3.) Spec Ops Team: Oni – Sergeant – Trooper

This team boosts each Spec Ops teammate attack and health. Sergeant’s discipline adds health to its Spec Ops teammate by a percentage of 5% while Trooper’s discipline adds 5% to attack. There are only two available Spec Ops Character in the Bronze Tier of the store so Oni is added since he has the best stats among all the Bronze Tier in the store.

2.)  Outworld Team: Oni – Osh-Tekk – Saurian

Although there are already previous teams whose members have boosts in both health and attack, this team is considered to be the best among them since most of the characters in the team is included in my top 5 list of bronze tier characters which you can buy. Osh-Tekk and Saurian have discipline’s that boosts the stats of other Outworld Teammates. Apart from that, Oni and Osh-Tekk also ranks one and two respectively in the list that I have mentioned above.

1.) Characters with the Best Stats in the Bronze Tier: Oni – Osh-Tekk – Sergeant Team

These three characters rank at the top 3 when it comes to base attack and health. Although the disciplines of both Osh-Tekk and Sergeant do not add boost to each of their teammate. Their natural talent in combat makes up for their useless disciplines. Only Oni’s discipline seems useful for this team. Upgrading their skills, equipment and fusing them will definitely be enough to make them remain on top of this list.

There are still a lot of Bronze Tier Team to pick but for now these would serve as the best choices.

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