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Top 5 Bronze Tier Characters You Need to Buy in Mortal Kombat X Mobile


If you are looking to build a team of Bronze Tier Characters for online challenge modes, then this is definitely the right place to know the top bronze tier characters which you can buy in the game. Yes, this list does not include other bronze tier characters not found in the store. We will be ranking the characters in the list according to their base stats, and discipline. Anyway, check out our list of top bronze characters in Mortal Kombat X which you should think of buying.

1.) Oni

Oni is the only Bronze Netherrealm character available in the store. Basing on his base stats, Oni is considered the strongest among the other bronze characters in the store. Both his base attack and health stats are the highest among the others. Apart from that, Oni is very fast. He can deal quick attacks in succession which makes him very deadly in dealing successive combos. Although he has the best stats, his discipline is not really that useful unless you are only going to use this character as a pawn for enduring heavy special attacks whenever your opponent has a bar of power. Either your opponent uses his/her bar of power or not, he or she will still lose a bar of power if Oni dies.

2.) Osh-Tekk

Osh-Tekk is one of the only two Bronze Outworld Characters available in the store. When it comes to base stats, he ranks second among the other bronze tier characters in the store. His combos and special attacks are quite fast. These make it easy for him to counter attacks from its foes. What makes him more special is his discipline which adds an additional 5% attack to Outworld Teammates.

3.) Sergeant

Like Osh-Tekk, Sergeant is also one of the two Bronze Spec Ops Characters available in the store. His base stats ties with another bronze character in the store on the third spot. His discipline adds an additional 5% health to other Spec Ops Teammates. Although there is another bronze character who has similar stats with him, his discipline makes him better than the other one. He is not known for quick successive attacks but each of his blows definitely packs a punch.

4.) Monk

Monk is the other bronze character who has same stats with Sergeant which makes his stats also rank third in the list. However, his discipline is what makes him rank fourth. Although the discipline which gives teammates a single bar of power upon death, its not really that consistently useful at all. There are times that it is useful but there are times that it is not. It is because inactive teammates slowly gain power over time. It would be such a waste if you would just use Monk as a pawn for getting easy power.

5.)  Saurian

Saurian is also an Outworld Bronze Character available in the store. Despite the fact that Saurian’s base stats rank fourth among the other bronze characters in the store, he ranks fifth in the list because there are two characters whose base stats rank on the third spot. His discipline also a win because he boosts his outworld teammates by an additional percentage of 5%.

Although building a team of bronze characters is not worth it especially in Battle Mode,  Shao Kahn’s Tower Mode or Faction Wars Mode, I think you still want to check this list of top bronze characters in Mortal Kombat X since you’ll be using a bronze tier team in challenge mode.

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