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Taichi Panda Character Guide


This Taichi Panda Character Guide offers its players a quick overview of each of the seven types of characters in the game. Each character has its own unique sets of stats and skills which makes each of them strong and advantageous in different kinds of situations. However, these differences of strengths and weaknesses also makes them vulnerable to certain kinds of situations or challenges. Thus, it is very important that you are able to identify and maximize both the strength and weaknesses of your character in order to make them competent in every challenge of the game. These are the seven types of characters that you are able to choose in Taichi Panda. Check out this sleek Taichi Panda Character Guide below.

Fox Mage
Fox Mage holds control over the different elements of Taichi Panda’s world. They are able to call forth the elements at their will in order to deal heavy AOE damage to crowds of enemies. Their main weapon is wands or staves. They might have significant low defense but their ability to deal heavy damage of large scale AOE is definitely one of the factors that makes it easy for Fox Mages to clear dungeons.

As what its name suggests, gunslingers wield guns as their main weaponry. Definitely, gunslingers are ranged characters who are capable of dealing high DPS on single or multiple enemies at a distance. They are capable of imbuing their weapons with elements in order to provide additional elemental damage to their foes. Although they lack on defense, they have high evasion which allows them to avoid enemy attacks rather than endure them. They are definitely one of the characters that are very good in long range combat.

The Ninja is a melee type character which boasts amazing speeds. They are the fastest among all of the characters in the game. They can use their teleporting skills to easily get behind and strike their enemies. Apart from that, they also have strong and powerful melee attacks which makes them very deadly and lethal. They carry katana or swords as their main weapon. They are definitely deadly and nimble.

Panda Priest
The Panda Priest is the main buffer type character in the game. It knows a variety of buffing skills as well as long range attacking skills. Although they are not capable of dealing devastating blows, its ability to buff themselves with unique effects allows them to gain an upperhand against their opponents. On top of that, their superb healing abilities allow them to outheal even the most devastating blow that they could take.

Taichi Panda
The Taichi Panda is a unique character in the game. It is a melee type character which is capable of unleashing heavy damage with each of its blows. It’s a character type which has high damage but low speed. Although it can annihilate foes with single strikes, its slow speed allows its enemies to evade its attacks. However, with the right timing, your enemies won’t even last long with its blows.

Treasure Hunter
The Treasure Hunter is another melee type character in the game. It wields blades and daggers as its main type of weapon. With its swift movements, it allows itself to easily close the gap between foes; thereby, giving itself an easy swipe of its blades to its foes. This type of character has high evasion and has a set of debuffing skills.

Like any other rpg games, warriors highly specialize in close combat fighting. Apart from masters of the art of sword wielding, warriors are known for their high defense. They are capable of enduring and tanking heavy while being able to provide decent melee damage to their foes. With proper equipment, warriors can definitely deal significant damage while tanking heavy damage.

This Taichi Panda Character Guide might not be able to give you an in-depth or detailed guide on your favorite character but this will definitely suffice in giving you a good view of your character.

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