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How to Increase Might in Taichi Panda – Fastest Way


Want to know the best way on how to increase might in Taichi Panda? Well, before I try to guide you on how to increase might significantly, let’s try to discuss first what is might and what are the prevailing factors that affect every character’s might. Trying to know these things will obviously allow us to create solutions or methods that will really increase a character’s might in Taichi Panda.  Once we have identified the things I have mentioned above, we can now determine the best measures we can implement to achieve a significant increase in might.

What is might? Well, in the English dictionary might is a depiction of someone’s or most especially a nation’s impressive power or strength. In some way, Taichi Panda’s might kind of mean like that. Might in Taichi Panda is somehow a measure of a character’s strength. It is usually used to determine whether a character’s strength is capable or is enough to clear or challenge a certain dungeon or area. If your character’s might is above the required might, then your character can enter the dungeon and possibly be able to clear it.

Now, that we have an idea as to what might is. Clearly, the factors that affect a character’s stats should also be the factors that affect might. Ofcourse, additional abilities, elemental prowess and bonuses should also count in increasing might in Taichi Panda. Thus, increasing one’s damage, defense, HP & MP should be the basics in increasing your might. Adding bonuses on your critical damage, elemental damage & passive skills should also be affecting one’s might.

Well, knowing those things should be a good guide on how to increase might in Taichi Panda. Here are tips that would help you on how to increase might in Taichi Panda fastly:

  1. Upgrade your equipment – Typically, having good equipment gives you good stats. At the same time, it gives you significant might. To give you better might, upgrade your equipment by fortifying, discovering, refining and exalting it. Fortifying your equipment increases your damage significantly. If ever you feel like you need more damage, fortifying your equipment will surely help you. Discovering more your equipment will give you bonus damage and stats. Increasing your other attributes rather than damage alone is a good way to increase your might as well. Like discovering your equipment, refining it adds damage and bonus stats. This also goes the same with exalting it. Doing these four things surely will give you a boost in your might.
  2. Choosing the right runes – Adding runes give you an easy boost on your stats and bonuses. However, using random runes won’t really give you the best boost that you really need. You need to take time to analyze what rune should give you the most boosts. As a start, complement your character with the runes that you are going to use. For example, if your character is a Fox Mage then I would not try to use a rune that increases physical damage but a rune that increases magical damage. Also, upgrade your runes as you see fit.
  3. Demigod – Having a demigod by your side increase stats and adds bonuses such as elemental damage. Through this, this will allow you to increase might.
  4. Exalting your equipment – I have already mentioned this in my first tip, but I would like to elaborate it here by guiding you as to which attribute that could give you the best increase in might. Well, there a lot of attributes you could try to exalt in your equipment but exalting Mana Points gives you the most increase in might. Exalting Mana Points doesn’t cost a lot so you could get a lot of might by exalting it a lot of times.
  5. Pets – Just like equipment, having a pet inserted in your team slot adds additional stats and bonuses to your character; thus, it increases your might significantly. Aside from just having pets, you can get a better increase in might by considering the pets that you are inserting in your team and the order of your pets. Ofcourse, you should choose pets which have the highest level. The higher the level the higher the might it has. That is why having pets which are farmable such as firewalker, vile warlock, paladin & pyrotaur can easily boost your might because they are very easy to level up since you can get their pet souls easily. You can farm them easily on dungeons or get them in treasures. Once you can level them up at a high level, you can get a very huge might. Apart from that, the first four slots of your team are the only slots that influence your might. Thus, you have to ensure that those slots get the highest level pets or the highest might. Also, you can surge your pets for every five levels. With that, it should give you a very nice increase in might.

I think there are still a lot of ways to increase your might but I think these are the top five methods on how to increase might in Taichi Panda. I hope this helps you a lot in increasing your might.


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