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Taichi Panda Rune Guide – How to Get the Most of It


Runes in Taichi Panda play a very vital role in your character’s success. In case you need a significant amount of stat boost and might, utilizing runes should be a great help for you. Indeed, runes are rare stones in the game which are imbued with magical powers thereby giving any of your equipment inserted with it stat boosts. Low level runes usually give stat boosts while high level runes posses special kinds of buffs which allow your character to unlock special passive abilities and bonuses.

How to insert runes in your equipment?

Rune placement will only be available once you reach level 19. After you have reach such level, a simple rune placement guide will occur thereby allowing you to access the rune option of your equipment.

What are the types of Runes available in Taichi Panda?

There are currently 5 types of rune in the game. These are the core, wind, fire, earth and water. Obviously, every element is existing in the type of runes. Each type can only be inserted with one type of rune; thus, it is very important that you take time in analyzing which runes to place in every socket or slot of your equipment.

How to upgrade runes?

Runes can be upgraded. Through it, you can maximize the bonuses and benefits one can get from a certain rune. Upgrading can be done by using experience runes. Each level up requires a certain amount of experience rune. If you can upgrade it with enough experience rune, then the rune can up its level. Gaining higher levels unlock more attribute and increase existing boosts. Apart from that, you can also earn more boosts and attributes by upgrading your equipment through fortification and discovery. Each rune provides more boosts and attributes if an equipment reaches a certain level of fortification and discovery.

Where to get runes?

Common runes can easily be found through following the storyline of the game. However, you can also get premium runes through the team instance, warrior store, pvp store and arena. Although they are very expensive, they are worth the price since it possesses great boosts in stats and attributes.

Some of the runes you can easily find are Quake Rune which gives bonus health points, Holy Fire Rune which gives bonus damage, Holy Wind Rune and Holy Water Rune which both gives bonus health and damage.

Tips to get the most out of your runes

  1. Upgrade runes as much as you can. If you have a lot of experience runes, then use it as you see fit. Although keeping it for the best is also good, it wouldn’t hurt that much if you use it right away since you will be having great stat and attribute boosts.
  2. Keep core rune level the highest. Core runes usually give the best stats and attributes; thus, to unlock the most of it, focus more on upgrading your core runes rather than trying to upgrade all. It will give you better results than the latter.
  3. Always go for premium runes. Although you can easily get random runes through quests and the storyline, you must never limit yourself from getting premium runes. Premium runes have bonus buffs which are good for your character. If you can pay for it, then just go for it.

Runes are very important in the game. Yes, there is still so much more to cover about them but for now, I hope this sleek Taichi Panda Rune guide will suffice your search.


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