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Ultimate Taichi Panda Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast


Taichi Panda Leveling Guide is a must if you want to level up fast in this game. Pure grinding might be guarantee when it comes to leveling up in Taichi Panda. Grinding on repetitive quests and dungeon surely give you that decent amount of experience needed to climb up to the next level. However, it’s not so efficient and it is such a waste of time. So how do you level up with the least amount of time possible? Well, check out are Taichi Panda leveling guide below to help you make the most of your grinding.

Taichi Panda Leveling Main Guide:

For the early part of the game, you should focus more on completing the quests until you reach level 10+ or until you can unlock Noror’s Woods. Also, don’t forget to save as much gold and diamond as you can since you will be needing it a lot once you reach decent levels in the game. If you find it difficult in clearing the area, then take time to upgrade and refine your equipment. Your equipment plays a huge factor in your character’s success so be sure to upgrade it occasionally.

Once you have reached Noror’s Woods, focus first on clearing the whole area. Once you have cleared the area, get back on challenge, elite and boss levels so that you could get decent experience and gold. Try to get up to level 30 here. Try to upgrade your equipment and skills only if you are having a hard time clearing this stage. Remember, gold is very important in the later part of the game so save it as much as you can.

After getting to level 30, you can follow the stages and quests. The hardest part in leveling in Taichi Panda is the early part of the game so once you reach this level, it shouldn’t be hard for you to grind.

Try to follow this plan:

Noror’s Woods >> The Jaraken Barrens >> Zor Tundra >> Panda Town >>
Mount Garja >> Place of the Dead >> Land of Chaos

Taichi Panda Leveling Bonus Guide:

This guide is specifically for players who are willing to spend money in the game. There is a huge difference between paying and non-paying players. Paying players can easily accumulate gold and diamonds. Thus, they can enhance their characters much fasters than non-paying players. Furthermore, they can buy premium items which can help them clear stages and level up faster. Anyway, here are some bonus tips for those who are planning to spend money in the game:
Buy experience cards. Experience cards are premium items in the game which grants a character an experience worth the product of 10000 experience points times the character’s level so if your character is at level 50 then using the experience card will grant you 500000 experience points.

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