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Ultimate Toram Online Archer Bow Build Guide


Toram Online Archer Build Guide

Still confused on how to build an archer bow type character in Toram Online? Then this perfect Toram Online archer bow build guide is the right one for you. Due to Toram Online’s unique character class or type system, there are a lot of ways players call archers in the game. Archers can sometimes be called rangers, bowmen or scout. Well, whatever it is, this guide will show you the almost perfect way to build up a bow wielding type character so if you are looking for a scout, bowman or ranger build guide in Toram Online, then this is definitely the right one for you.

Archer or a bow wielding character in Toram Online is a ranged character that is capable of dealing quick attacks with high critical rate and damage. They are great in dealing high DPS damage in a single opponent. They may have great offensive capabilities but they lack in health points and in defense. That is why archers must have great spacing against their foes in order for them to be considered deadly.

Toram Online Archer Bow Build – Stats Distribution Guide

Max out the Dexterity stat of your character first. Dexterity will improve your dex based damage, accuracy, attack speed, CSPD, and critical damage & rate. Once you are able to max out your archer’s dexterity add some strength and crit stat. Focus more on getting at least 50+ stat points on your Crit stat and once you’ve reach at least 50 stat points on your Crit, then add some stat points on your strength. You can use a proportionality of 2:1 in distributing stat points between strength and crit once your crit reaches 50. For every 2 stat points in strength, add 1 stat point in crit.

Toram Online Archer Bow Build – Skills Tree Guide

In this Archer build, we’ll have to take skills that deals high critical damage and rate to complement the archer’s quick attack speed and skills that immobilize enemies to keep the adequate spacing between you and your enemy. Here are the following skills that we suggest for this build:

Blade Skills:

  • Sword Mastery
  • Quick Slash
  • War Cry – Optional but great for additional damage and combo filler

Shot Skills:

  • Power Shot
  • Bulls Eye
  • Arrow Rain – This is good for farming so spend some skill points on this skill.
  • Snipe – Set it to max level. This greatly reduces enemy armor so its very useful.
  • Moeba Shot – Good for combo opener.
  • Paralysis Shot – Good to combo it with Moeba Shot to immobilize enemies.
  • Smoke Dust
    Shot Mastery – Maximizes your Archer’s damage so set it to max.
  • Long Range – Since this Archer build is only good for bows and arrows, then this skill is very helpful in your build.
  • Quick Draw

Magic Skills

  • Magic Arrow
  • Magic Javelin
  • Magic Lances
  • Magic Impact
  • MP Charge

Survival Skills

  • Safe Rest
  • HP Boost  – Maxing this will help your archer last long against strong enemies.
  • Short Rest
  • MP Boost

Battle Skills

  • Attack Up
  • Whack
  • Critical Up
  • Intimidating Power
Toram Online Archer Bow Build – Combo Guide

This suggested combo weakens your opponent with different status ailments while dealing huge critical damage.

  1. Moeba Shot > Paralysis Shot > Power Shot > Snipe > Sneak Attack
  2. Moeba > Smoke dust > Power shot > Snipe > Paralysis Shot
Toram Online Archer Bow Build – Equipment Guide

The following are the suggested equipment your archer bow character must have. Each of this equipment increases your damage, critical damage and critical rate significantly.

  1. Grand Horn Bow
  2. Mithril Arrow
  3. Flame Arrow
  4. Twilight Dress
  5. Gothic Hat
  6. Dexterity Talisman

Mizziguides’ ultimate Archer Bow BUild secrets

Make shooting arrows more deadly by following some of MizziGuides’ Secret tips  & tricks in building the perfect Archer Bow Build. Check out the link below.

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So far, we’ve covered a lot of aspects for our Archer Bow Build Guide but if you have any suggestions, then feel free to comment below.



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