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Toram Online Dual Wield Build Guide with High Crit Rate [Dex + Crit Build]


This Toram Online Dual Wield Build Guide is definitely recommended for players who wants to build a high DPS Dual Wield Character in Toram Online. Yes, no need to focus on your character’s tanking ability because you can easily solo dungeons and bosses with your character’s excellent offensive ability.


Toram Online Dual Wield Build Stats Guide

We won’t be introducing any other stats combination except the Dex and Crit stat build. For Dual Wield characters, Toram Online suggested that Dual Wield characters gain significant damage by focusing on Dex. However, other players have suggested that Str stat can increase damage significantly. Well, in this build we won’t just be focusing on pure damage, but this will build your character with high damage, attack accuracy & cast speed. How do we do that? We can do that by building our dual wield character with high Dex and Crit. Here is our stat distribution for our Toram Online Dual Wield Build Stats Guide:

Dex – 165 and above (Increases your damage, accuracy and cast speed)
Crit – around or near 135 (Increases your Critical Rate and Critical Damage)
Vit – optional but you can also add some for tanking (Increases Health Points)

To increase the chances of hitting your opponent with Critical Damage, this build will maximize the HIT percentage of your attacks as well as the rate of dealing Critical damage to your opponent. Plus, this will increase the cast speed of your skills which it easier for your character to spam skills with high Critical Rate. Just imagine how much damage can your character deal if most of your skill based attacks are critical attacks.


Toram Online Dual Wield Build Skills Guide

Here is a list of skills this build suggests in allocating your skill points:

1.) Level 3 Blade Skills
Hard Hit – 5
Astute – 10
Trigger Slash – 6
Rampage – 1
Sword Mastery – 10

2.) Level 3 Shot Skills
Shot Mastery – 5
Long Range – 5
Quick Draw – 10

3.) Level 1 Magic Skills
MP Charge – 1

4.) Level 2 Survival Skills
HP Boost – 10
Safe Rest – 5
Short Rest – 5
MP Boost – 10

5.) Level 2 Battle Skills
Attack Up – 10
Whack – 5
Critical Up – 10

6.) Level 2 Knight Skills (optional – can be used for additional combo variation)
Assault Attack – 5
Parry – 1
Provoke – 5

7.) Level 1 Hunter Skills
Kick – 1

8.) Dual Sword Skills
Dual Sword Mastery – 10
Twin Slash – 10
Spinning Slash – 5
Phantom Slash – 1
Cross Parry – 5
Charging Slash – 5
Shadow Step – 1
Reflex – 1
Dual Sword Control – 10

9.) Level 1 Priest Skills
Holy Fist – 1


Toram Online Dual Wield Build Skills Combo Guide

You may try to vary the combo of this build as you like but I would suggest the following combo for this Dual Wield Build:

1.) Assault Attack – Shadow Step (Save) – Trigger Slash (Smite)
2.) Astute – Shadow Step (Save) – Twin Slash (Smite) – Trigger Slash (Swift)
3.) Hard Hit – Twin Slash (Smite) – Trigger Slash (Consecutive)


Toram Online Dual Wield Build Equipment Guide

Each of this equipment maximizes the base attack, Critical Damage & Critical Rate of your character.

1.) Main Weapon: 1st Anniv Sword III + S with Pillar Golem
Stats: Attack +7%, Critical Damage +7%, Critical Damage + 11, Natural MP Regeneration – 7, Magic Defense – 7%, Dodge – 7
Make sure your main weapon increase your Attack and Critical Damage at a certain percentage. Don’t just settle for stat increments, settle for stat percentage increase.

2.) Sub Weapon: Phyto Blade + B
Stats: 11% Damage to Earth, CriticalDamage +11
Only Attack and Stability will be reflected in your character’s stats so its better to choose a sub weapon with significant attack. Also, make sure to use a weapon imbued with elemental damage.

3.) Armor: Killer Coat
Stats: Critical Damage + 7%, Critical Damage + 11, Critical Rate + 11%, Critical Rate + 11, Magic Attack – 6%, Magic Pierce – 3%

4.) Headgear: War Helmet + 4 with Twilight Dragon
Stats: Critical Damage + 5%

You can also equip Dragon Ears with Twilight Dragon.

5.) Accessory: Dexterity Talisman III with Metal Stinger
Since this is a DPS build, then we highly suggest using Dexterity Talisman with Metal Stinger, but if you’d like to improve your character’s tanking ability then you may want to use Knight Talisman with Violacoon.


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This Toram Online Dual Wield Build Guid is according to my opinion. However, this has been proven and tested to be one of the good builds to implement on your Dual Wield character.

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