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Toram Online Halberd Build Guide


Halberd typed characters in Toram Online can be pretty hard to use. However, it doesn’t mean its totally impossible. This Toram Online Halberd Build Guide will help you mold your halberd wielding character as strong as it can be. This type of character in Toram Online might be pretty hard to tame but if you build them right, they can be one of the most deadliest DPS and AOE type characters. Thus, you should definitely tune in to this Toram Online Halberd Guide to help you make the most of your halberd wielding character.


Toram Online Halberd Stat Build Guide

Since they have the slowest attack speed, it is better to maximize the amount of damage they can deal per hit. To do that, we will be focusing on maximizing strength, agility and critic. Maximize strength to deal high damage in every hit. We’re going to add a bit of agility to your character in order to improve the attack speed and cast speed. And lastly, add some stat points on your character’s critic stats to improve the critical damage and rate of your character’s hits. Here is a sample Toram Online Halberd Stat Distribution Build below:

  • Strength – 255 (Maximum to increase maximum damage)
  • Agility – 50+ (Try to reach at least 50. Once you reach 50, add more if you think your character is quite too slow.)
  • Critic – 50 – 100 (This will improve your damage significantly. Halberds have high damage so critic will make them more deadly.)

Beware though. Your MP is quite too small with this stat distribution. However, you can always use potions like Magiadd to aid you in your lack of MP.


Toram Online Halberd Skill Build Guide

This is not totally required but if you are having trouble on how you should distribute your skill points then feel free to follow the skill distribution below.

Level 3 Blade Skills

  1. Sword Mastery – Lvl 5
  2. Quick Slash – Lvl 5
  3. War Cry – Lvl 10

Level 3 Shot Skills

  1. Shot Mastery – Lvl 5
  2. Sneak Attack – Lvl 1
  3. Long Range – Lvl 5
  4. Quick Draw – Lvl 4

Level 3 Magic Skills

  1. Magic Arrows – Lvl 5
  2. Magic Javelin – Lvl 5
  3. Magic Lances – Lvl 5
  4. Magic Impact – Lvl 7
  5. MP Charge – Lvl 1

Level 3 Martial Skills

  1. Smash – Lvl 5
  2. Sonic Wave – Lvl 5
  3. Earthbind – Lvl 5
  4. Triple Kick – Lvl 10

Level 2 Survival Skills

  1. Safe Rest – Lvl 5
  2. HP Boost – Lvl 10

Level 2 Dagger Skills

  1. Throwing Knife – Lvl 5
  2. Spike Dart – Lvl 10

Level 3 Battle Skills

  1. Attack UP – Lvl 10
  2. Whack – Lvl 5
  3. Critical UP – Lvl 10
  4. Intimidating Power – Lvl 10

Level 3 Halberd Skills

  1. Flash Stab – Lvl 5
  2. Cannon Spear – Lvl 5
  3. Dragon Tail – Lvl 5
  4. Dive Impact – Lvl 1
  5. Strike Stab – Lvl 10
  6. Deadly Spear – Lvl 5
  7. Critical Spear – Lvl 10
  8. Halberd Mastery – Lvl 10
  9. Quick Aura – Lvl 1


Toram Online Halberd Combo Build Guide

So far, this has been the best combo for me. However, if you did not follow the skill distribution above then this combo might not be ideal for you. This probably costs around 800 MP. Thus, use potions to compensate with your lack in MP.

Spike Dart >> Sneak Attack >> Magic Javelin >> War Cry >> Magic Impact >> Strike Stab >> Quick Aura >> Triple Kick >> Dive Impact


Toram Online Halberd Equipment Build Guide

Mix up your gear with bonuses in attack, strength and critical damage to improve the damage your character can deal.

Main Weapon: 2nd Anniversary Halberd V 

You can add Black Knight of Delusion and Tyrant Machina as crystals to your main weapon. I strongly suggest that you embed percentage bonuses in attack, strength and critical damage to maximize your weapon damage. Also, don’t forget to get this weapon to +S.

Sub Weapon: Storm Dagger

Can be looted from Forestia (Boss) in Chaos Land)

Body Armor: Adventurer’s Garb

You can add York/Cerabes/Jade for additional HP and Iconos as crystals to your body armor.

Additional Gear: War Helmet

You can add Twilight Dragon and York Crystals. Also, you can use Gothic Hat instead of this to get +15 Critical Damage.

Special Gear: Moxiz Strap

York and Metal Stinger can be good crystals for this. Also, you can use Muscle Talisman II.


Mizziguides’ ultimate halberd build secrets

Power up your Halberd Build by checking out some of the exclusive tips and tricks for Halberd Wielders. Check out the link below.

>>>   MizziGuides’ Toram Unofficial Toram Online Game Guide   <<<

This is a successful build for me. You can use this as a guide but there is still a lot of room of improvement in this guide so you may add some spice on it a bit by trying to vary it with your own taste. I hope this Toram Online Halberd Build Guide will definitely help you build your Halberd type character.

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