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Toram Online Leveling Guide – Fast Powerleveling


Leveling in Toram Online can be a daunting and boring task especially for players who already have reached a high level. That is why players use experience boost equipment to help them level up faster in the game. However, there is definitely no need to put more effort in grinding and leveling your character because leveling in Toram Online is actually easy if you have a leveling blueprint in the game. Yes, a leveling blueprint. No, its not an item you can have in Toram Online. It is a leveling strategy which guides you the right skills to learn, the right gears to equip, the right places to go and the right monsters to farm. Ofcourse, this Toram Online Leveling guide will show you a failproof leveling blueprint that will definitely help your character level up in Toram Online fast.

One more thing, you don’t need to spend money in following this guide. No need to spend orbs on Nightmare Crystals. It is up to you if you want to spend some orbs just to help you level up faster. This guide will purely entail strategy and effort.

Optional Prerequisites to Maximize the use of this Toram Online Leveling Guide

It would be such a waste if we won’t maximize the potential of the Toram Online leveling guide, right? To maximize the amount of experience you can gain in a span of time, we will be suggesting skills you need to learn and gears you need to equip for your character. This is completely optional so you will still be able to utilize this leveling guide as much as you can without even following our suggestion. However, if you really want to utilize this guide to its full potential, then feel free to follow our suggestion.

Skills to Learn for this Toram Online Leveling Guide

Since we will be spamming skills most of the time, its best to cover as much as area-of-effect in every skill you will cast. Here is a list of recommended skills for each class in Toram Online:

  • 1 Handed or 2 Handed Wielders – Level 10 Tempest
  • Bow or Bowgun Snipers – Level 10 Arrow Rain
  • Staff or Magic Device Wielders – Level 10 Storm + Impact Storm (Optional)
  • Halberd or Lance Wielders – Level 10 Dive

Add Level 10 MP Charge for each class to avoid MP scarcity. It is best to follow this skill recommendation if you have a Notebook of Oblivion so that you may be able to reset your skills. For some, these skills are not best for PVP that is why we recommend only learn these skills if you have a skill reset item so that you may be able to reset your skills.

Optional Items to have for this Toram Online Leveling Guide

  • Book for Experience Boost – You can easily increase the amount of experience gained for every monster you have killed if you have this item. It will increase the amount of experience gained by a specific amount of experience.
  • Equipment with Experience Bonus – These are pretty rare but if you can find some, feel free to equip them to enjoy the experience bonuses you can get from every monster kill.
    Area & Monster Guide for Best Toram Online Leveling
  • This leveling guide will show you the best area and monsters to kill for huge experience gain. Check out the awesome list below that we have put up in this Toram Online Leveling Guide.

Level 1 – 6
Area: Land Under Development
Monster: Any monsters found in the area or Boss Colon (HP 1000, Exp 30). The boss is weak to fire so a fire elemental damage will be really helpful.

Level 12 – 17
Area: Underground Ruins
Monster Excavated Golem (HP 3150, Exp 90)

Level 17 – 23
Area: Underground Channel
Monster: Gestpenst (Lvl. 20, HP 8544, Exp 240, Weak against light)

Level 23 – 27
Area: Isthmus of Kaus, Dragon’s Den
Monster: Eerie Crystal (Lvl 24, HP 6300, Exp 225, Weak against light)

Level 27 – 30
Area: Marbaro Forest
Monster: Forest Wolf (Normal, Lvl 30, HP 16038, Exp 300, Weak against earth)

Level 30 – 36
Area: Ruined Temple, Forbidden Hall
Monster: Minotaur (Lvl 32)

Level 36 – 42
Area: Ribisco Cave, Top of Nisel Mountain
Monster: Boss Goblin (Normal, HP 26758, Exp 560, Weak to water)

Level 42 – 44
Area: Fiery Volcano
Monster: Mochelo (Lvl 43, HP 60000, Exp 620, Weak to earth)

(Alternative) Level 1 – 43
Area: Nisel Mountain, Area 2
Monster: Shell Mask
Keep Nisel Wood and Bitter Nut for future Quests.

Level 44 – 45
Area: Zoktzda Ruins, Reversed Hall
Monster: Ruin Golem (Normal, Lvl 45, HP 41200, Exp 660, Weak to fire)

Level 45 – 50
Area: Land of Caos
Monster: Forestia (Normal, Lvl 49, HP 135000, 1480 EXP, Weak to earth)

Level 50 – 52
Area: Fiery Volcano Boss Area
Monster: Flare Volg (Normal, Lvl 50, HP 120000, 1500 EXP Weak to Water)

(Alternative) Level 43-53
Area: Empress Tomb, Area 3
Monster: Bone Dragonewth
This can be a bit difficult for solo players. It is much better if you can have a party.

Level 52 – 54
Area: Lutaros Cavern
Monster: Ooze (Lvl 52, HP 44000, Exp 1400, Weak to Wind)

Level 54 – 57
Area: New Moon Palace Innermost
Monster: Mauez (lvl 55, HP 86000, Exp 1290, Weak to Wind)

Level 57 – 58
Area: Scaro Town
Monster: Ganglef (lvl 57, Normal, HP 107800, Exp 1150, Weak to fire)

Level 58 – 59
Area: Saham Crater
Monster: Demon’s Gate (Lvl 60, Normal, HP 180000, 1440 Exp, Weak to Light)

Level 59 – 63
Area: Saham Underground
Monster: Boss Roga (Lvl 62, HP 250000, Exp 3000)

(Alternative) Level 54 – 62
Area: Lost Town Square
Monster: Parasitized dog
Keep Parasitized Crystal when farming since it will give you 400k exp/stack in Lefina’s Quest.

Level 63 – 64
Area: Ancient Empress’ Tomb
Monster: Ancient Empress (Normal, Weak to dark)

Level 64 – 69
Area: Land Under Cultivation
Monster: Masked Warrior (Lvl 66, HP 276000, Exp 4300, Weak to water)

(Alternative) Level 62 – 67
Area: Gate of Another World, Area 1
Monster: Planet head

Level 69 – 71
Area: Lost Town in Magic Barrier
Monster: Pillar Golem (lvl 70, Normal, HP 324000, Exp 3600, Weak to fire)

(Alternative) Level 65 – 71
Area: Gravel Terrace
Monster: Mewte

Level 71 – 75
Area: Albatif Village
Monster: Grass Dragon Yelb (lvl 73, HP 439190, Exp 5040, Weak to fire)

(Alternative) Level 71 – 76
Area: Gate of Another World area 1 & 2
Monster: Space Wolf (mini boss)

Level 75 – 77
Area: Gate to Another World
Monster: Nurethoth (lvl 76, Normal, HP 500000, Exp 5360, Weak to light)

Level 77 – 81
Area: Gravel Terrace
Monster: Jade Raptor (lvl 79, Normal, HP 620000, Exp 8400, Weak to Earth)

Level 81 – 86
Area: Magic Waste Site
Monster: Scrader (lvl 82, Normal, HP 660000, Exp 7900, Weak to Light)

(Alternative) Level 77 – 89
Area: Spring of Rebirth lower
Monster: Corroded Fighter, Fenpin

Level 86 – 90
Area: Abyss of No Return
Monster: Black Knight of Delusion (lvl 88, Normal, HP 540000, Exp 6600, Weak to light)

lvl 90 – 94
Area: Lunagent Mountain
Monster: Evil Crystal Beast (lvl 91, Normal, HP 530000, Exp 6300, Weak to light)

Level 94 – 98
Area: Spring of Rebirth
Monster: Cerberus (Normal, lvl 97, HP 800000, Exp 9220, Weak to Wind)

(Alternative) Level 95 – 99
Area: Dark Manor, Area 2
Monster: Corroded Brawler

Level 98 – 104
Area: Dark Castle, Area 2
Monster: Memecoleolus (lvl 100, Normal, HP 1290000, Exp 14400)

Level 100 – 102
Area: Fort Solfini in Roof
Monster: Twilight Dragon (lvl 100, HP 695000, Exp 8000)
Easy and good for Spina.

Level 102 – 104
Area: Cradle of Soldiers
Monster: Bexiz (Normal, lvl 103, HP 645000, Exp 7610)

Level 99 – 106
Area: Singolare Ruin, 3rd Floor
Monster: Rocksaur

Level 106 – 112
Area: Small Machina Factory, Area 3
Monster: Rugos Demi Machina

Level 104 – 109
Area: Plastida
Monster: Imitator (lvl 106, Normal, HP 780000, Exp 8700 Weak to Water

(Alternative) Level 104 – 109
Area: Spring of Rebirth
Monster: Cerberus (Hard, HP 1600000, Exp 13830, lvl 107, Weak to wind)

Level 109 – 112
Area: Dark Castle: Grand Hall
Monster: Imitacia (lvl 109, Normal, HP 720000, Exp 8150, Weak to water)

Level 112 – 114
Area: Blazing Graben
Monster: Ifrid lvl (lvl 112, Normal, HP 555500, Exp 6000, Weak to water)
Use stun as much as you can because it is very useful in avoiding knockbacks. Full break boss before HP goes down below 50%. You can maximize the amount of experience gained if you can full break the boss before 50% of its HP. If done right, it’ll just take 30 mins to gain enough experience to level up.

Level 114 – 117
Area: Singolare Ruins, 3rd Floor
Monster: Proto Leon (lvl 115, HP 584500, Exp 6250, Weak to fire)
This boss can be pretty hard to break due to its speed and fast animation. Try to lessen its life to around 40% this will give you better chances at breaking the boss. Stun on its arm and hammer and use tumble on its neck. You might have to get closer and circle around to break its neck.

Level 117 – 119
Area: Huge Crysta Factory, Storage
Monster: York (lvl 118, Normal, HP 640000, Exp 6800)
Stun before 60% of its HP to break the boss)

Level 199 – 121
Area: Blazing Graben
Monster: Tapir (lvl 120, Normal, HP 781000, Exp 7800)

Level 121 – 124
Area: Blazing Graben: Surgace
Monster: Ifrid (lvl 122, Hard, HP 1111000, Exp 9000, Weak to water)

Level 124 – 127
Area: Singolare Ruins, 3rd Floor
Monster: Proto Leon (lvl 125, Hard, HP 1170000, Exp 9375, Weak to fire)

(Alternative) Level 124 – 127
Area: Trace of Dark River
Monster: Lapin the Necromancer (mini boss)
This mini boss can give as much as 1.3M Experience.

Level 127 – 129
Area: Huge Crysta Factory, Storage
Monster: York (lvl 128, Hard, HP 1280000, Exp 10200)

Level 129 – 131
Area: Blazing Graben
Monster: Tapir (Hard, lvl 131, HP 1562600, Exp 11700)

Level 131 – 134
Area: Blazing Gaben
Monster: Ifrid (Nightmare, lvl 132, HP 2777500, Exp 18000, Weak to Water)

Level 134 – 137
Area: Singolare Ruins, 3rd Floor
Monster: Proto Leon (Nightmare, lvl 135, HP 2925000, Exp 18750)

Level 137 – 139
Area: Huge Crysta Factory, Storage
Monster: York (lvl 138, Nightmare, HP 3200000, Exp 20400)

Level 139 – 144
Area: Dark Castle, Area 2
Monster: Memecoleolus (lvl 140, Ultimate, HP 12900000, Exp 64800) or Tapir (lvl 140, Nightmare, HP 3906500, Exp 23400

Level 141 – 147
Area: Plastida
Monster: Imitator (Ultimate, lvl 143, HP 7800000, Exp 39150, Weak to water)

Level 147 – 152
Area: Dark Castle, Grand Hall
Monster: Imitacia (lvl 149, Ultimate, HP 7200000, Exp 36675, Weak to water)

Level 152 – 154
Area: Blazing Graben
Monster: Ifrid (Ultimate, lvl, 152, HP 5555000, Exp 27000, Weak to water)

Level 154 -157
Area: Singolare Ruins, 3rd Floor
Monster: Proto Leon (Ultimate, HP 5850000, Exp 28125, lvl 155, Weak to fire)

Level 157 – 159
Area: Huge Crysta Factory, Storage
Monster: York (lvl 158, Ultimate, HP 6400000, Exp 30600, lvl 158)

Level 159 – 161
Area: Blazing Graben
Monster: Tapir (lvl 160, Ultimate, HP 7813000, Exp 35100)

One last tip, you can get an experience bonus if your character’s level is near the monster’s level. You can get around 11.95% experience bonus by killing monsters whose level is same as yours. Monsters who have a level gap of 1 to your character will give you 10.9% experience bonus. Level gap of 2 gives you 9.8% experience bonus. Level gap of 3 gives you 7.1% experience bonus. And a level gap of 4 gives you 3.1% experience bonus.

Mizziguides’ Ultimate Leveling Secrets

Level up much faster with some of MizziGuides exclusive tips and tricks for leveling up in Toram Online. Check out the link below.

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I hope this Toram Online Leveling Guide definitely help you level up much faster.

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