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Top 10 Items to Sell to Farm Spina in Toram Online Easily


Spina Farming Guide in Toram Online

Farming Spina in Toram Online can be very easy especially if you have a high level character which can easily farm in different areas in the game. However, a few players, even with high level characters, still struggle to earn or farm a decent amount in their own strategy of farming Spina in Toram Online. Well, you need not worry anymore because we have 15 tips you can utilize to help you know the best way to farm Spina in Toram Online.

The following tips will not show you any monsters or areas to farm for the best Spina drop rate but instead these tips will show you the best area or monster to farm for items which can be sold for huge amounts of Spina through your own personal shop or Consignment.

10.) Silk Glove

Silk Gloves can be sold for a significant amount of Spina and it can also be easily farmed on the 3rd Floor of Crysta Factory. They are dropped from Custos Demi Machina which are easy to kill even for beginners.

9.) Nightmare Crystal

Although drop rate of Nightmare Crystals is quite low, this still joins the list because each piece sells for a decent amount. Plus, beginners may be able to farm this item from Nightmare Roar.

8.) Minotaur Skin

Minotaur skins can easily sell for a huge amount of Spina but you can earn more from this item by trading it for 1 Anti-Degradation which can be sold up to 800,000 Spina per stack. Although it might take a while, it will definitely be worthwhile. This item is dropped from level 52 Minotaurs which are not really hard to kill. This is also a good way for beginners to earn Spina.

7.) Fatigued Blade

Fatigued Blade is one of the most popular raw materials in Toram Online; thus, it is very easy to sell in your online shop. Apart from that, this item is farmed from level 30 skeletons which makes it easier for beginners to farm this item. You can easily get farm Spina in Toram Online if you can farm for this item for a couple of hours.

6.) Flower Nectar

Flower Nectar has been selling pretty well in the market after the Revita 5 recipe price has updated or increased. Thus, this item now joins the list of top items to sell in the market. The best place to farm this item is in Pova. You can easily make more Spina from your flower nectars if you have an Alchemist as a character. Through your alchemist, you can create revitas from your  flower nectar and then sell them in the market.

5.) Dye Armor

Dye Armor is one of the best boss drops to sell for Spina. You can easily earn up to 50,000 Spina per piece. However, pricing may differ depending on the market demand.

4.) Guild Maze’s Items

HP Orichalcum, Super Anti-Degradation and Hyper Anti-Degradation are some of the items you can farm from the Guild Maze and these are also the best items to sell in the market for huge amounts of Spina. Its best to farm these items during Saturdays (Server Time Zone) since the highest drop rate is during that day.

3.) Boss Material

Like Dye Armor, there are also other boss drops which can be sold for a decent amount of Spina. However, this might require having a character with huge amount of DPS. If you get the right item, you can easily earn up to 3,000,000 Spina per stack.

2.) Event Items

Event items like Chocolate Ooze can easily reach up to 6,000,000 Spina a piece if you sell it at the right time. Usually, event items are sold cheaper during events but if you sold them after events, prices can skyrocket easily.

1.) Gem Run Drops

Gem run is still a good way to farm Spina in Toram Online but this can be very expensive. You must spend orbs or recycle avatar pieces to get on a Gem Run. However, you can earn rare drop items for each run like Crystals, Weapon Dyes, etc. which can be sold for a hefty amount of Spina.

Farming for any of the items is already a good start of getting Spina in Toram Online. However, you may be able to maximize the amount of Spina you can earn from selling these items by selling them at a strategic price. Prices may vary widely on the market so its also good if you can try to look at the prices of other seller. Try to vary your prices according to the law of demand and supply. If the demand is high and the supply is low, then prices should be higher while if the demand is low and the supply is high, then prices should be lower. Don’t try to low or high ball your prices too much. Just go for the average price most of the times.


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I hope these guide will help you farm Spina in Toram Online easier even as a beginner. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this Spina Farming Guide.

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